It is our vision to create an environment that will promote new ways of learning, improve and enrich the creative sector and deepen our tradition of contributing to life in BC and Canada.

With proper support, Emily Carr will be able to start building a new, upgraded campus that will provide our students the space in which to turn their own big ideas into reality.

The Big Idea is really very simple: creativity is our most valuable resource. And as such, it must be given space to grow.

Our goal is to ensure that our students do not face unnecessary challenges in their quest for academic and artistic excellence. We must act now so that future students are not disadvantaged by crowded classrooms, outdated equipment and limited resources.

Our Capital Campaign

We intend to build an institution so extraordinary that it can accommodate the creativity of the human spirit in all its forms of expression. This is an enormous undertaking, and not one that we can accomplish alone. Over the past year, we have brought together a brilliant group of volunteers who have agreed to dedicate themselves to the crucial job of raising support for Emily Carr. This group is spearheaded by our Campaign Cabinet Executive, a collection of renowned and celebrated philanthropists, innovators and industry leaders, each of whom is dedicated to art and education in British Columbia.